Saturday, February 21, 2009

Truth in Television Advertising

I was watching a rerun of the "Family Guy" last night and they had this hilarious scene.

First let me apologize for poor video quality. Although I don't know why I am apologizing, I didn’t make it. All I did was plug a few key words into youtube and came up with this gem. I suppose, like me, someone else has found the humor in this clip and feeling the urge to share it, say more than what the nationally televised program already had at its disposal, they pulled out their video camera sans tripod or any other method of stabilization and treated us all to these few minutes of cartoon hilarity. That's dedication, people, and the process actually adds a new dimension to the clip.
It's like some sort of Post Modern found art piece. I went to college with people who might find some sort of artistic merit in this presentation. The giggle of the auteur at the end really sends it home. They didn't just present the clip, but also supplied their critique as well. The laugh signals approval, there by giving what the filmmaker was presenting credibility and credence.
Yes, it is true I went to school for art (photography and film to be exact) and I can polish a turd with the best of ‘em. But let’s get serious here, afterall it is a serious subject we are dealing with. I’ll cut out this high minded hyperbole and boil it down to its nuts....
M.S. = Monkey Scrotum.
There is a lot of truth there.....
P.S. I am also sorry if anyone found this clip offensive, “Family Guy” likes to push the envelope, and I am one to laugh at just such envelope pushing. If you are looking for political correctness I would point you in the direction of something bland and unopininated like melba toast.

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pUNKrOCKfairy said...

Hahaha! My hubs and I watched that episode and he's decided that Monkey scrotum is my heretofore diagnosis. I think "Monkey Scrotum" conveys a similar sentiment as "bull shit," but monkey scrotum is funnier.