Friday, January 30, 2009

Bone Marrow?

A very quick word. My Dad called me this morning and told me they have cured MS. Yep, cured it. We are all in the clear, I'll see you at the wrap party......Ahh, Dad I love ya, and I know that you just want the best for me, but this planet you're living on just may not be inhabitable by humans.

I don't mean to be taking the mickey here with my Father. He has my utmost respect. He is, in my opinion, a great man. He has provided for his family working tirelessly in a business that he has built himself, helped raise three kids (of which I am the middle), and carved out a reasonably peaceful existence. He lives his life quite pragmatically, but the core of the man is one driven by dreams. And I don't mean work oriented goals or high ambitions to achieve greatness. I'm talking about the kind of dreams that lead one to spin tales of vampire hunting in the woods behind your house, telling my then elementary school aged sister that NASA was going to send children into space, (of which she then related to her teacher) or that my saintly grandmother was actually a raging alcoholic that liked to bounce beer cans off his head. None of this was true, of course (although, I have never been able to firmly discount the vampire stories) my father just enjoys the absurdity of life and sometimes he lets his brain out for a walk. If something strikes him funny he likes to relate it. (Incidentally this is a trait that has been passed on to yours truly, much to the dismay of my wife.)

My Dad loves his children almost to a fault. (Although I am finding out, you can never love them too much.) However it sometimes leads my Dad to, "fill in the myelin where there just ain’t none to be found". He wants his three kids to do well, be happy, and healthy. Even if some of this has to come at the expense of delusion. As has been previously discussed I'm not really living up to expectations on the healthy part, and this really hurts him.

He wants so desperately for me to be well. I am sure much of his paranoia comes from the fact that his Aunt went through MS in the dark ages of treatment and needless to say she didn’t fare so well. It took me a long time to convince him that my road was to be very different. Once that hope had been instilled, my father began his own “research” on MS. This isn't the first time Dad has called me with great news about the future of MS treatment, and this morning wasn’t much different.

As always I listened to his “great” news, tried to be cheery as possibly, but in the back of my mind translated it as Dad saying,” just want to let you know, we’re all pulling for you.” All of this is greatly appreciated but you know as well as I that any news about cures, treatments, etc. need to be taken with a grain of salt. Otherwise we would all be walking around like that Blue guy who was on Oprah and CNN.

Nevertheless, when I got to work this morning I plugged a few key words into Google and viola a little info that I never really expected. Not sure if anyone has seen this yet or if anyone has had any experience there in. However this one seems like there might be some promise. Let’s keep our fingers crossed becasue God knows it’s better than keeping our nerve endings crossed.

Thanks, Dad. I'm real glad you're looking out.

P.S. did I say quick? Sorry I really gotta work on that brevity thing.


Heather said...

Your father is the best. Seriously. I read the article. I pray that one day your father calls you up and says "I told you so" in regards to this "cure".

herrad said...

That would be good if your father could ring you up and say I told you so.

Wish so much for a cure for us all.

Take care.
Keep warm and happy.

Anne said...

You have, by far, my favorite MS blog title. It's so true!