Friday, January 30, 2009

Bone Marrow?

A very quick word. My Dad called me this morning and told me they have cured MS. Yep, cured it. We are all in the clear, I'll see you at the wrap party......Ahh, Dad I love ya, and I know that you just want the best for me, but this planet you're living on just may not be inhabitable by humans.

I don't mean to be taking the mickey here with my Father. He has my utmost respect. He is, in my opinion, a great man. He has provided for his family working tirelessly in a business that he has built himself, helped raise three kids (of which I am the middle), and carved out a reasonably peaceful existence. He lives his life quite pragmatically, but the core of the man is one driven by dreams. And I don't mean work oriented goals or high ambitions to achieve greatness. I'm talking about the kind of dreams that lead one to spin tales of vampire hunting in the woods behind your house, telling my then elementary school aged sister that NASA was going to send children into space, (of which she then related to her teacher) or that my saintly grandmother was actually a raging alcoholic that liked to bounce beer cans off his head. None of this was true, of course (although, I have never been able to firmly discount the vampire stories) my father just enjoys the absurdity of life and sometimes he lets his brain out for a walk. If something strikes him funny he likes to relate it. (Incidentally this is a trait that has been passed on to yours truly, much to the dismay of my wife.)

My Dad loves his children almost to a fault. (Although I am finding out, you can never love them too much.) However it sometimes leads my Dad to, "fill in the myelin where there just ain’t none to be found". He wants his three kids to do well, be happy, and healthy. Even if some of this has to come at the expense of delusion. As has been previously discussed I'm not really living up to expectations on the healthy part, and this really hurts him.

He wants so desperately for me to be well. I am sure much of his paranoia comes from the fact that his Aunt went through MS in the dark ages of treatment and needless to say she didn’t fare so well. It took me a long time to convince him that my road was to be very different. Once that hope had been instilled, my father began his own “research” on MS. This isn't the first time Dad has called me with great news about the future of MS treatment, and this morning wasn’t much different.

As always I listened to his “great” news, tried to be cheery as possibly, but in the back of my mind translated it as Dad saying,” just want to let you know, we’re all pulling for you.” All of this is greatly appreciated but you know as well as I that any news about cures, treatments, etc. need to be taken with a grain of salt. Otherwise we would all be walking around like that Blue guy who was on Oprah and CNN.

Nevertheless, when I got to work this morning I plugged a few key words into Google and viola a little info that I never really expected. Not sure if anyone has seen this yet or if anyone has had any experience there in. However this one seems like there might be some promise. Let’s keep our fingers crossed becasue God knows it’s better than keeping our nerve endings crossed.

Thanks, Dad. I'm real glad you're looking out.

P.S. did I say quick? Sorry I really gotta work on that brevity thing.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The body from Spirit does slowly unwind until we are pure spirit at the end

A quick note here on this day of history. I have a much longer post on other topics that I’ve been thinking about, but it isn’t quite done yet. I’ll be posting it later this week, I hope. Furthermore, I feel today is far too significant to let go without mention.

We are all aware we get a new president today. I am hopeful that he might be able to turn something’s around for us, but only time will tell. Truth be told I did not vote for him, nor did I vote for the other guy. I am a bit (by bit read totally and hopelessly) a cynic when it comes to politics. I don’t speak much about it here, I don’t feel the need.

As a young man I fell head over heels in love with the “process” that we as Americans get to participate in, but the idealism that I held onto as a boy was shattered somewhere along the way by the blind faith and pedagogy that I saw as a regular practice in partisan politics. I do not affiliate with either party and feel that most politicians while presenting themselves as bastions of hope are some of the most amoral despots breathing today. Honestly I would imagine that my politics are more aligned with William Ayres then Barack Obama.

However the significance of today is not lost on me.

I am very happy that my now 15 month old boys will never know a world where the color of your skin will stop you from becoming president. Not that I think that we have somehow solved the issue of race in America, but it is a hell of a step forward. I am also very pleased with the general mood of the country as we inaugurate our 44th commander-in-chief. While conditions are less then favorable for the new head cheese he has still managed to somehow mobilize many people. I can only think that this is a good thing. However, he has a long and rough road ahead of him, and this pedantic bald guy is not going to give him a pass. After all he is a politician, not to be trusted in my opinion.

Although it is my true hope that in 4 years I am running to the polls with the biggest Obama sign imaginable. That I am screaming from the roof tops of his astounding and deft ability as a statesman. That he has declared peace in every country, housed the homeless, fed the hungry, balanced the budget, solved every problem that we are all currently facing. Somehow, I hope, he has restored my faith in the American political system. It is a lonely place when you look at your government as an enemy. Still he has my support. Just don’t blow, man.

I think that much of my cynicism originated from my television. 24 hour news stations, political pundits and comedians as journalists, news stations with an obvious political agenda it’s all a bit much to stomach. Yet nothing has solidified my distaste for the media and for our political system more than the television show called the “West Wing”.

“Wait” you say “that show was amazing.” And you would be right. I loved every second of that show. That is the problem. West Wing began its run in an age where the “reality show” was just beginning to rear its ugly head. Bachelors, unfit parents, interventions, weight loss challenges, began to saturate the air waves while West Wing unfolded its deftly written hour long drama. The show was nothing short of inspiring. Martin Sheen, Stockard Channing, Rob Lowe and a host of other A list actors took us through the trials and tribulations of holding the highest office in the land. It gave us a look at the inside of the White House and how appointees and elected officials guided our fragile country in the way they best thought. Although it was all made up, sure, based on actual events, but not a stitch of it actually happened. Still I found myself with a sense of pride that this man. Jed Bartlet, was my president. He made me proud to be an American. This is the problem. He is not real.

A fictional character was more inspiring than the real thing. I began to think about all the reality shows that proliferated the channels and it dawned on me that the only reality show that we really needed was the only one we weren’t getting. I didn’t care who was getting a rose, I cared who was getting a pardon. I didn’t care who let their kids watch too much TV, I cared about who was allowing kids to get a proper education. West Wing, while an amazing show, shouldn’t have been needed. Our own leader should have been the inspiration we sought. The White House should have the same transparency of the house from “Big Brother”. Yet we are all anesthetized by what we are spoon fed by our cable box. I hope we can all wake up and begin to make some real change. God knows we all need it.

Nevertheless, good luck Mr. President. I wish you well and I hope that in four years we do not regret our decision.

(an aside here: It has not escaped me that the President on “The West Wing” battled MS from the 2nd season on. For most of the run I had yet to be diagnosed, but found his battle an amazing dramatic devise. If only I knew how dramatic it was going to be. I have since re-watched a bunch of the episodes and his struggle with MS always hit way too close to the mark and often leaves me a bit weepy. Take a look at a few of the clips below. If you aren’t familiar with the show, it is well worth checking out.)