Thursday, August 13, 2009

Is this thing on?

Testing, testing 1,2,3. Can you hear me? Hello? Anybody out there?.....

Well, whatever the case I’m still here. Yes this bemused bastion of bald fancy is still alive and kicking. Please hold the applause, I haven't said anything yet. Actually I don't plan to say all that much, right now that is. Hmm, did I just hear more applause? Odd.

Anyway, it has been a while, far too long as a matter of fact. For this I do apologize. As they say, "it was me, not you". The last few months have found me embroiled in a very interesting time here at my place of employment. It was a small but not unfounded labor dispute. Something I am not going to get into here, but know that it is all been worked through and everyone is better for the experience, particularly this MS laden bald guy. (It was actually a very fortuitous career strengthener. Now if it could only do that for my hair line....)

Nonetheless, this is just a quick note to tell anyone who might still be around, check back in the next week or so. I will have a usual sized post (read: needlessly long and side splittingly funny) very soon. We shall touch upon a few open topics like:

  • What ever happened with the Eosinophilic Esophagitis?
  • What did the last MRI say?
  • Did you switch medications?
  • How frequently do you shave your head?
  • If I am traveling in a car at the speed of light and I turn my headlights on will I see anything?
We shall have all the answers to these questions and oh so much more. As a matter of fact I would imagine that after I write, those of you who chose to read will have lots more questions to ask. I can be vague and confusing most days. Just ask my wife.
Again, I am sorry that I haven't written anything in such a long while. I have been thinking about it, but felt that I needed something to actually write about plus the time to write it. Strangely enough a hairless guy can get pretty beat after the commute to and from work, spending long hours at said institution of employment, and then trying to optimize whatever time he can with his family before said schedule is repeated. On top of all this throw in a healthy (healthy, get it. Keep reading you’ll see the non sequitur.) dose of auto immune disease and you get one tired son of a gun, funny how that works. Trying to concentrate on the verbal diarrhea I call posts was almost an impossibility.

I hope you all understand, and I hope there are a few of you left out there to read. I still have a few things rolling around under this hairless dome, and I plan to treat you all to a sampling just as soon as I can pry it out.

See you in a few days.