Sunday, October 5, 2008

Send in the Clowns...

While driving to work the other day I heard a little blurb on NPR about a calendar. A calendar? Yes, a calendar. While such mundane things might have just passed me by like a healthy immune system, this got my attention. First, this calendar was of just clowns.

"Ehh, okay, clowns what's the big deal?" you ask, "Clowns are okay they make some people laugh and all, but they are really kinda creepy."

I might have to agree, but it only gets better from here.

So far we know we have a calendar, we know that it is twelve months of just clowns, but this is the interesting part. It is not only twelve months of just clowns, it is twelve months of just NAKED clowns. Yep, naked clowns. Now, again you say, "While this is sorta of disturbing, and by sorta I mean really, I'm curious to know why it warrants mention here on your MS blog. " Funny you should ask, first let me point out, I do not have a penchant for clowns, clothed or otherwise. The reason it gets mentioned here you see, not only is it twelve months of just naked clowns, but all proceeds go to MS research.


Who needs bike races, runs, walks, read-a-thons, jump ropes, doing it till it hurts when you got this? I think we can all rest assured that we'll be seeing a cure anytime now. Just sit back and wait; the clowns are on the scene. I can't believe that nobody thought of this before.

Now this begs a ton of questions:

Sadly the website has very little in way of sneak previews of the clowns. You can see clearly that the clowns are wearing makeup on their faces. Where else is makeup being applied? Secondly, it is clear that some clowns are wearing their red noses, but are they wearing their oversized shoes? Where are they going to pull those multi-colored handkerchiefs from? Lastly, can we expect a calendar from the lion tamers next or would this just be too hazardous?

A bald guy’s got to wonder. I'm not one for unsolicited promotion, and that is not what this post is about. However, take a look at the site. I'm sure there will be any number of better jokes you can come up with. By all means please post them here. I mean look at those big grins on their faces, I realize they are clowns and all, but come on…. that a banana in your pocket, or....oh your not wearing any pants....


Weeble Girl said...

Love the name of this blog and came here via the Carnival that Lisa has. I am also an MSer but my blog doesn't have as cool a title as yours does. I hope it's okay if I link you on my blog as I would love to come back and read more.

I, too, have fallen into great admiration/addiction for blogging although I must admit to being at a bad point in the road at the moment. I also hid all summer long and find that I can no longer tolerate anything over about 75 degrees and do NOT bring on the humidity.

If you'd like to check my blog out sometime, I'm at I look forward to reading more about you and the family.


Amybeth said...

Well that was interesting at first i was a little grossed out, but then i couldn't stop clicking to see the sneak preview of all the naked clowns!

Weeble Girl said...

Please stop by my blog and pick up your award,