Thursday, October 30, 2008

Curse? What curse?

Curse has been broken, but for those of you keeping score...I still have MS. But allow me to be the first to say that if I do get cured of MS at some point I will need the following things:

1. A dog pile

(See picture above...Like that. I'm not sure what you had in mind, but the phrase dog pile has so many connotations. And truthfully I'm not a big fan of dogs. I'm the jerk who always ends up getting bit..."oh no, go ahead and pet him. He's very friendly. Never bit anyone." CHOMP!)
2. A parade down Broad St. in Philadelphia

( I want no Mummers, again I repeat no Mummers. For those of you not familiar please take a look. Yes, these are grown men dressed up in all sorts of regalia for a very long parade on New Years day. These are the same guys who make a point of call you all sorts of horrible names on every other day of the week for what you look like. Again for the record I do not want any Mummers.)

3. I want a product endorsement deal with Subway.

(Ryan Howard, Phillies first baseman, currently has this role and I think that I can write a better poem about Cheese Steaks.)

4. I want dudes to be so moved by my victory over MS that they do this:

(they disabled the embed function)
(This guy is in South Philly. Apperently they don't grow 'em so swift down there.)

Way to go Phillies. It was a hell of a ride.


karen wynder said...

browsing the ms blogs and found yours. awesome writing and you have a beautiful family. thanks for making my search beneficial!

Tracys Ramblings said...

Ok, first of all let me just say that I totally don't think it's "creepy" if you add me to your blog list. In fact, I would think it were creepy if you didn't!
Second, I love the name of your blog! My mother has refused to learn anything about MS since my diagnosis seven months ago but now she says that she's doing her own research by watching Montel. I guess in between the psychics and the "Who My Baby Daddy?" shows, he talks a lot about MS?

I haven't really thought about what I would want if I were to be cured. And I totally thought of something else when I read "dog pile". :)